Saturday, August 4, 2007

Thought I would show......

some pic's of where we have been lately. This one is in New York, it's downtown Saratoga (boy what fun that was to drive in-----not!!!)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Well now we are in Joplin,MO. Will be here til tomorrow morning. We got to stop in Wyoming at the rest area (in between Cheyenne and Pine Bluffs), which I was so glad. I have been trying so many times to get a pic of Lincoln's Monument with no success, but this time I insisted we stop to take some pic's of it. The view is Outstanding!!
We are at the Petro Truck Stop, that's where the "Trick My Truck" from CMT is done at, well at least that's where they stop and take someone's truck and totally makes it over. Sure hope I get to see some of those redone trucks come in.
We went through Kansas City last week and of course it was stormy as we were coming in, in fact hubby and I seen a funnel cloud form and then it disappeared, that was totally awesome then freaky to see. I won't be home this time til June 20th, so hopefully will be able to post some more things when I can.
Here is some pic's of Lincoln's monument and some statues of a bear and antelope that was at the rest area/travel center. Also a couple pic's of the World of Fun in Mo., plus the stormy skies in KC, and a real nice sunset.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We are in Rawlins Wyoming, heading towards Detroit Michigan. Got to feed a prairie dog this morning at a rest area here in Wyoming. Boy it's cold today, ran into some snow this morning in the mountains, but now it's partly to mostly sunny and very windy. I am sitting at a truck stop, watching the cattle eat, with the mountains in the background. Having such a great time traveling to states that I have never been to. Utah is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! Hope to get to come back to that state.

Now I haven't crocheted much, don't think I have enough yarn for the shawl I am making for my swap partner, and no luck at finding any of the color either. So I am trying to decide to I go as far as I can without a point at the end, or do I just restart the thing over. What to do? Decisions, decisions!!

Will post my new slide show as soon as I get the thing up and running for you all to see some of the new mountains and that little prairie dog too.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Here is more pic's...

Of our trip across country. I am home now for only couple more days though, will be going again since I had a good time. Now granted I don't like heights and of course we took the scenic route we just happened to come across a bridge that was under construction, and I had a panic attack and had take the picture from the back of the truck. Oh and we got stuck on the very top of it (there was a stop light on the very top). Sat there for 10 minutes.

I am almost finished with the shawl I am making for my swap partner, sure hope she likes it when I send it out. Hopefully I can get it done in the next day and get it mailed out by Tuesday.

Well that's about all I have for now. Happy Crocheting!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

I am on the road with my hubby. Right now we are at Stratford Missouri. We are about an hr or so away from our drop off point. Rick paid for wifi for the night so I could check my email and stuff.

This picture is of the bridge going across the Mississippi River (Illinois/Missouri State Line). Yes Shari, it was freaky but I made it fine. And the other pic is of the mountains just crossing over into Missouri, I swear you could reach out and touch it. LOL

Oh and I started my shawl today in Illinois for my swap partner also. Will write more when I get a chance. Happy Crocheting!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Well just found out that my hubby is flying(which he hates) to Cleveland Ohio to pick up his truck. Yeah he is coming home. He should be home around 4 or 5 am Saturday April 21. Then he will be home for five days and then I leave to go on the road with him for fourteen days. Happy Crocheting!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Well I finished the round ripple, took the pic then loaned out my camera to my brother, so as soon as I get it back, I will post the pic.

I have started another round ripple for my other niece, this one is being done in yellow, varigated purple and a light purple. So far it's looking good. Then I have a little girl that my sister in law babysits that asked if I would make her one is pink and green. Not sure what that one will look like.

Just found out that one of my step daughters is having TWINS!!! We knew that the three girls was all pregnant, so looks like I will have to make double stuff.

My hubby will be home hopefully Saturday or Sunday, tomorrow will be four weeks he has been gone. For those that don't know, he is driving a semi truck and has been gone with a trainer. Can't wait to see him again. Yes I am counting down the days!!

When he comes home, he will be home for five days, then taking me with him for fourteen (14) days, will be posting pics of what I see also.

That's about it for now!! HAPPY CROCHETING EVERYONE!!!